Accounting is the art of interpretation, measuring, and the linking of a

business result…accounting is a business language…

We approach each client with special individual attention and try to arrange a service programme which is optimal for that client.

1) Accounting


We specialise in providing financial accounting and consulting services to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as to non-profit organisations.

All services are also provided in English. The quality of the service provided is ensured by highly professional staff with a team of trained associates who are employed for specific projects as need arises or according to the client’s needs.


Individual approach to each client


We approach each client with special individual attention and try to arrange a service programme which is optimal for that client. We do not offer a “ready-made” approach but rather an individual one which meets the needs of each client at a specific stage of their business activity and development.

In general, our accounting services include:

  • Preparation of documents, recording transactions and system data entry (such as incoming and outgoing invoices, bank statements)
  • Managing general ledger, customers and suppliers sub ledgers, fixed assets registry and related depreciation calculation, material accounting (warehouse and store records), production (work in progress, finished goods)
  • Coordination of customer/supplier balances with customers/suppliers and related communication
  • Calculation and preparation of VAT returns, CPT returns, withholding tax returns, special taxes and levies reports etc.
  • Preparation and submission of statutory reports to governmental institutions (Tax Authorities, Croatian Pension fund, Croatian Health Insurance fund, Regos, Financial agency – FINA, Croatian National Bank, Hanfa etc.)
  • Processing of internet payment orders and related data entry
  • Additional support during Tax Administration’s inspection (participation with the authorized representative of the client before the relevant tax and financial authorities, for the purpose of interpreting and explaining results of information from the services provided) and other inspections and audits.
  • All documents available to you 24/7

The future is no longer planned based on the past.However, you have to have the right information on the past in order to increase business efficiency and revenue.

2) Reporting


Business reporting helps companies gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the factors affecting their business activity and provides the entire organisation with information by delivering detailed data which helps decision-makers. Likewise, reporting and analysis provide clients and partners with the opportunity to find relevant information when it is needed and to easily make decisions to cooperate based on quality and accurate information.


Reporting services include the following:

  • Preparation of accounting plans and classification of accounts according to specific needs of every client
  • Statutory reporting (currently on a quarterly or annual basis) in accordance with Croatian Accounting Act and other relevant regulations. These services include the preparation of notes to financial statements and submission to relevant bodies,
  • Management reporting on a monthly basis (or by appointment), in line with applicable accounting standards, in Croatian currency – Kunas (or other currency upon Client’s demand),
  • Drafting and checking of credit questionnaires and related communication with the bank, by appointment,
  • Reporting for partners and clients

We are doing our job, how would you have time to do your


Affecto is a company specialised in accounting, business, and tax consulting and internal audit and controlling.

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