Controlling – a lifeline for decision-making in crisis situations. 

Internal aduit

Internal audit is organised to support and assist management and the organisation as a whole, which is why it also includes consulting, in addition to examining your business activity.

The role of internal audit is to carry out examinations and measurements which are used to help the management find a way to improve risk management, control, and management and business activities of the company. The aim of an internal audit is primarily to find weaknesses in control systems in order to prevent financial irregularities and difficulties in business activities in a timely manner.


Within internal audit, we provide the following services:

  • Monitoring and control of your company’s processes
  • Examination of financial and business information
  • Review of compliance with the laws, regulations, and other external requirements and policies
  • Review of the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of business activities, including the company’s non-financial activities.


By analysing the operations of your company and the processes within it, we find room for costs saving. By monitoring operations daily, we minimise the risk of unnecessary costs.

Within controlling, we provide the following services:


  • Financial business analysis and comparison of achieved results with the planned results
  • Analysis of the results achieved per product unit and/or product group
  • Creation of calculations for existing and potential products
  • Control of debt collection in total and according to criteria tailored to your business
  • Creation of cost-benefit analyses for choices between several alternatives (to buy or rent equipment, to produce a particular product or stick to trading, to hire a new employee or use external services, etc.).


Affecto is a company specialised in accounting, business, and tax consulting and internal audit and controlling.

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